National Links

 National Repositories

The following links lead to good sites with free access to resources based outside of New England. Many offer direct access to some materials and guides to their holdings that are useful for placing orders or preparing for an on-site visit.


AAHGS  The Web site of the national office of the  Afro-American Historical and Genealogical  Society and a link to its other chapters.
African-Native American Genealogy  A useful site for people interested in researching African Americans with Native American connections. It also offers links to other organizations and resources with such a focus.
One of the most comprehensive and helpful sites for African American researches. It provides direct  links to many other useful sites.
Christine’s Genealogy List Specializes in African American genealogy resources and links.
Historical Census Browser University of Virginia A superior comprehensive site for research on slaveholders state by state including free born by age, sex and race and much more Awesome!
Civil War Slave
Compensation Claims
A searchable index to slaves who enlisted or were drafted into the U.S. military during the Civil War. Maintained by the St. Louis County Library in St. Louis, Mo., the site allows visitors to search slave compensation claims filed against the federal government by loyal slave owners whose slaves fought for Union forces. You can search  the index by either the former slave’s name, or the former owner’s name. The claims come from slave owners in Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Tennessee and West Virginia.
Documenting the American South
Provides information about the lives and times of people in southern colonies/states. It is sponsored by the University Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Its purpose is to provide access to digitized primary source records and images so people can learn about the history of southern America.
Freedmen’s Bureau  Offers useful information online, and gives a guide to useful data sources available through the National Archives system. It does not include the records of the Freedmen’s Bank, which can be consulted at regional or national offices of the National Archives.

Also known by the acronym  KIAANAFH  this website concerns African American history (especially historic and current connections with Native Americans,) Black history, social history of the American Mid-West, family history, and commemorating Kansas history.
Mormon Church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  has established  the  most extensive collection anywhere of genealogy relevant information, some of which can be directly accessed free of charge. At the site, you can identify resources that can be ordered and perused through local Mormon Family Centers. This collection is increasing its coverage of persons and communities of African American descent.
NARA       research room
This is the genealogy section of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration Web site. It offers some material online and can guide the researcher to a wealth of resources available at regional branches, at national repositories, and/or that can be ordered on microfilm.
Native American Nations Another source for links to information on almost all the Native American nations officially recognized by the U.S. government.
State Archives and genealogy resources in other states State-by-state genealogy resources, including the District of Columbia.