AAHGS  New England Archives




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Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, New England Chapter, compiled by Charles Martin (donated by Charles Martin)


AAHGS New England Biographical

News clippings about members of AAHGS-NE


AAHGS New England Info Sheet

Brochure and directions to Bedford Public Library


AAHGS New England Surname List 2000

A list of AAHGS New England member surnames.


AAHGS Surname Index 1997

List of AAHGS Members Surnames.


AAHGS stationary






Folder with material related to the by-laws.


17th Annual AAHGS Conference, April 26-29, 1995. Washington, DC.


19th Annual AAHGS Conference: Finding Our Ancestors, Finding Ourselves. 20th Anniversary Celebration 1977-1997. September 18-20, 1997. WAshington, DC.


22nd Annual AAHGS Conference: Following Their Footsteps into the Twenty-First Century, October 28-31, 1999. Washington, DC.


23rd Annual AAHGS Conference: Strong Roots, Long Branches. October 26-29, 2000. Washington, DC.


24th Annual AAHGS Conference: The Circle Grows Wider, Embrace Another Link. October 25-28, 2001, Washington, DC.


25th Annual AAHGS Conference: Connecting the World Though Our Shared History. October 23-26, 2003, Washington, DC.


26th Annual AAHGS Conference: Tying The Threads. October 21-24, 2004. Little Rock, Arkansas.


27th Annual AAHGS Conference: Opening Our Eyes. . . Opening Our Minds. . . October 27-30, 2005, Washington, DC.


29th Annual AAHGS Conference: What’s in a Name? The Voyage of Discovery! October 25-28, 2007, Burlington, MA.


2000 Annual Chapter Report Documents Sent to AAHGS National




African Americans and American Indians in the American Revolution, A Selected Bibliography by Lesli M. Brannon, Reference Asistant, DAR Library and Eric C. Grundel, Library Director, DAR Library


African American History at Missouri State Archives (Pamphlet)


Angola an Elizabeth: An African Family n The Massachsetts Bay Colony, New England Quarterly, vol. LXXII, Mar 99


Collecting Black Memorabilia, Pamphlet by Philip J. Merrill


Folklife and Fieldwork, An Introduction to Techniques, Library of Congress (donated by Robert A. Bellinger)


Minorities in the American Revolutionary War by James Walker


Precious Memories, A Basic Guide to Collecting Family History, Smithsonian Anacostia Musem and Center for African American History and Culture (donated by Robert A. Bellinger)


Researching Your Family’s History at the Massachusetts Archives (pamphlet)


Re: Randall Pollard, UMASS Dartmouth, Fall 2005


Walker Leaves Lasting Legacy, Brochure (3 copies)





African American Women Firsts Compiled by Susan Revaleon Green


Census 1930

Articles about the release of the 1930 Census.


Inauguration of Governor Deval L. Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Timothy P. Murray, Commemorative Program. (5 copies)


Folder with material related to the Till family.


Map of African American Households of Nonotuck Street at the 1850 Census (donated by Irving Smith)



Correspondence and articles about NARA


NCNW (15th Annual Awards, March 31, 2007) (Letter)



Obituaries of deceased AAHGS members


Pedigree Charts


Portsouth New Hampshire Black Heritage Trail, (Fund raising letters)




October 2013, Willard Johnson


March, 2012 Listening with New Eyes: The Andersons of Amelia County, Virginia, Robert A. Bellinger


March 18, 2006. AAHGS-NE Chapter Meeting. (VHS)


December 16, 2006, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Dr. Vivian Johnson. (VHS)


January, 21, 2006, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Dr. Robert A. Bellinger, (VHS)


December 17, 2005, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Murray L. Townsend. (VHS)


January 15, 2005, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Pearl Duncan. (VHS)


March 2004, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Brenda McKinley. (VHS)


February 21, 2004, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Original Kwanzaa Play Presentation. (VHS)


AAHGS-NE Meeting: M. Brenda Smith. AHHGS 2007 Conference Slide Show. (DVD)


February 19, 2005, AAHGS-NE Meeting: Julie Winc – James Forten.  (DVD)


Amistad, Steven Spielberg (video)


The First Black Britons. (DVD)


Freedom’s Song: 100 Years of African American Struggle and Triumph (DVD and Workbook)


Black Indians. (DVD)


Conversations on the Vineyard. 2008. (DVD)


Wentworth Cheswell. (DVD)


AAHGS-NE Chapter Meeting, October 21, 2006. (DVD)


Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Music and the Spoken Word. (CD)





Burroughs, Tony. Researching Pullman Porters. National Genealogical Society Conference, Providence, RI. May 31-June 3, 2000.


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Martin, Antonia Cottrell. Secrets and Family Traditions: Getting Through the Maze. National Genealogical Society Conference, Providence, RI. May 31-June 3, 2000.


Welch, Vicki S. New England Native Americans and How to Find Them. National Genealogical Society Conference, Providence, RI. May 31-June 3, 2000.